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Celebrity Chef

With over 30 years of hospitality industry experience, I enjoy sharing my knowledge of food, culinary experiences and cooking skills to my clients and their families, so that they can receive the most successful wellness program that fits their lifestyle.

Meet Andy

Chef Andy Williams Culinary Services

I'm a Performance Chef who believes in Food, Flavors, Life and Passion!

A Performance chef is focused on supporting athletes of all ages on how to fuel and hydrate correctly for their body and their specific sport. I focus on designing the way athletes eat thru teaching and coaching athletes on how to appropriately fuel their bodies to maximize their performance on and off the field.



Fueling Performance Athletes is a service that I provide to individuals and sports organizations searching for professional culinary services to assist athletes in achieving year-round performance.



Local Triathlete

As an attorney, a mom of two young girls, and an amateur athlete, making sure my nutrition is on point is not an easy task. I have to ensure that my energy levels can sustain high intensity training that occurs mostly before and after long days of work. I was introduced to Chef Andy by my trainer as the person who could create a meal plan that fits my athletic goals and lifestyle. Not only did Chef Andy create the perfect meal plan, but he researched and found the answer to a life-long issue I’ve had with certain foods. With Chef Andy’s diligence and assistance, I have a healthy and satisfying meal plan in place that supports my training (with results to prove it), that works with my busy schedule and makes me feel strong and happy! Chef Andy’s care and concern with my nutritional needs goes well beyond my expectations. Chef Andy is an important part of my team – I don’t know what I would do without him!

Pamela Brown – Attorney and Tri Athlete

What We Do

We provide a variety of services for individuals, teams and organizations:

  • Individual athletes and their performance needs related to their specific sport.
  • Teams interested in enhancing their food programs for their performance athletes.
  • Fueling stations and performance training tables for Sports Teams, Universities or Corporations.
  • Kitchen or Cafeteria layout and design for athletes.
  • Esports food and beverage.


Speaking Engagements and Workshops include the following:

  • Subjects that focus on a chef’s view on athletic sports performance fueling.
  • Subjects adapted towards high school, amateur, collegiate or professional sports audiences.
  • Grocery shopping techniques with brand recognition and reading food labels.


Brand partnerships include the following:

  • Brand Ambassadorship.
  • Recipe development.
  • Cooking demonstrations.
  • Performance Cooking Classes for colleges, universities, corporations or individual instruction.


University of South Carolina Swim Team

Thank you for your wonderful food and most importantly for your passion in approaching your profession with uncommon zeal. You were so kind in teaching our athletes about what you do and why you do it! I know Chef Lionel is the same as you and I appreciate his passion and his wisdom equally. I have two new friends who I trust and feel confident would be willing to help my team improve. I would also enjoy maintaining this relationship with you and Lionel and I would like to determine a manner in which we (USC) can continue working with you and Lionel.

MARK BERNARDINO – Associate Head Coach

Some of Our Clients

Baseball on the Grass
Basketball on Court Floor
Golf Ball on a Tee

Fresh Foods

Are You Looking to Reach Your Personal Goals?

We focus on subtle lifestyle improvements, such as complete and routine based eating habits, sounder choices on the products that are purchased at the grocery store and developing a program customized to our client’s needs and lifestyles.

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