What Happened the Last Couple of Years

I hope that everyone has weathered the pandemic storm safe and sound. I wanted to fill you in on what has been happening with me and Fueling Performance Athletes.
The beginning of 2020 was great. I started a new position with a company called, Kitchfix. They provide meal services for various Major League Baseball teams around the country. I took the position of Food Service Director for the Toronto Blue Jays. They were in the process of opening a $150 million dollar sports complex in Dunedin, Florida. This facility would accommodate the MLB players, as well as the minor league players. This position started off great, and then the pandemic hit. We fueled players who could not leave the country do to border restrictions. I also traveled to Rochester, New York to cook and provide meals for the Toronto Blue Jays taxi squad during the shortened season.

I returned back to Clearwater, Florida and at the beginning of 2021 we resumed the construction of the sports complex and we were able to get the facility off the ground, feeding the players, once again for the beginning of spring training.

We opened training camp to much success. Canada opened their borders and the Toronto Blue Jays were able to go back to Toronto for opening day. This time, however, the Toronto Blue Jays, and all of Major League Baseball, had lost a lot of revenue and there were major cuts to the budget, I was one of them.
I took the end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022 to search for my next adventure and project in life. I evaluated and questioned myself on where I wanted to focus my performance chef skills. I wanted to work in a university atmosphere and focus on the next generation of athletes and fueling their needs. The answer came from Mississippi State University Athletics.

The year of performance chefs. In 2018, I coined the answer to, “What is a Performance Chef?” So far, I have counted over 10 performance chef job postings this year, and that is the most that I have ever seen in a single year. The majority of the positions, have been in the collegiate areas and a few new ones in the NFL and NBA. It’s also great to see other established performance chefs moving on and upwards too newly established positions around the country.
I have taken the position of Performance Chef for Mississippi State University Athletics. I have been given the opportunity to develop the Performance Nutrition Center, from the ground up, along with the entire Sports Performance Team and Athletic department. I look forward to my new adventure in sports nutrition and I can’t wait to get to work. #HAILSTATE!