Fueling for MLB Spring Training 2017

It’s the end of the month, and this is an exciting time for a professional baseball player. So, the question is, what are you doing to get ready for the MLB 2017 Spring Training Season? A professional baseball player should have been asking himself this question 3 weeks ago, because the beginning of January, is when the ball player should have put all the fun time with friends and family on the back burner and started to focus on their dedication to their craft of baseball. It’s easy to get a trainer, find a work out facility, but the hard part, that is often overlooked, is the importance of food intake in the off season. I have personally found that most seasoned veterans understand that to have a productive off season, it must include a routine training program, diet, nutrition and proper rest. This mind set often increases the chances of sustainability in the major leagues, and separates the players with longevity from the ones who just come and go.

Making the commitment to nutrition and diet in the offseason is only starting to be observed by a few players, and sadly, not enough of them understand the importance of their fuel intake consumed prior to the opening of Spring Training or during the season. My job is to make sure that when a player comes to me, we begin by creating a fueling formula that is consistently filled with anti-inflammatory nutrients. Fueling is the key to walking into spring training in top shape and showing the coaches, trainers, teammates and importantly, the front office, that you have made the commitment to your craft and you are ready to play hard and fast on day one.

When I take on players in the off season. I focus on their body build, their position on the field and their traditional eating habits to create meal plans that are fortified with nutritionally balanced clean meals. I create for them, a snack and hydration station in their homes, to build good eating habits during the season and while on the road. I create flavorful meals, packed with anti-inflammatory ingredients for them to enjoy every day. I supply them with breakfast, pre work out shakes, soups, salads, lunch and dinner. I create my menus to incorporate balance, nutrition and most importantly, foods that the players will enjoy.

Baseball players are evaluated the moment they show up to camp. This evaluation process does not only start with management and the team, but also with the fans. Who wants to show up into camp with a few pounds on them that the media and fans will jump on? How about doing the opposite and create a buzz on how trim, lean and ready to go you are from the beginning? It also shows well in the club house with your teammates.

You will always know when spring training is around the corner, because the professional baseball player starts getting excited, anxious and sometimes, a little nervous. You will see them eager, knowing that soon they will see old friends, meet some new ones and get on the field to play the game they love so much! This is the time of the year, I usually step back, stay supportive and keep the communication lines open, while letting the athlete know that I’m here to assist them, any way I can, in becoming the best player they can be. My goal, as their chef, is to create sustainable health, so hopefully they can play an entire season injury free and allow me the fun of watching them play the sport they love!