Giving Thanks

I wake up every day giving thanks for all that I have accomplished in life – from my family to my career. Whether I realized it or not, I seem to have focused my entire culinary career on the wellness and health of others. I work hard to practice what I preach by living a well-balanced life. However, I still face the same everyday challenges that my clients face because my hobbies are: the consumption of incredible foods, an incurable desire to taste as many craft beers (not all at the same time) as possible and tasting as many red & white wines from all over the world. I enjoy traveling to farms, markets, fields, hotels, restaurants or anywhere that promotes the experience of foods and flavors that support clean and wholesomeness. I share this knowledge and my experiences with my friends, family & clients on the wellness that food must offer each one of us. I also share these incredible experiences with my wife Cindy, because exploring by yourself is not fun. I take my 30 years of culinary experience, my two hospitality degrees, my award-winning career and I apply these skills to our business, ensuring that our clients receive the best and most creative and customized programs possible for true success.