Power Performance Team

Fueling Performance Athletes has officially been launched!

Meet the awesome team of Cindy, Michelle, Lionel, Gina and Gideon. They are the Power Performance Team behind FPA and read why they are the driving force in creating a platform for healthcare professionals, sports teams, personal trainers and nutritionists finding culinary services for their high performance athletes.

Each one of them brings their own unique attribute to the power performance team. We work together to identify how we can assist our clients in achieving their goals and aspirations. Overall, we all share the same qualities, because we are all educators, we are all passionate about our career fields and most importantly, we all are teachers who love to teach!

At FPA, we believe that your sport, your training, your body and your needs are not the same as the next person. FPA approaches performance nutrition with custom whole food solutions to meet your specific training and recover needs.

Our culinary team provides a food first approach to nutrition. They are committed to searching and resourcing the healthiest- locally sourced, organic & seasonal food products available. We work together to design the best balanced diet to fuel our clients body through food & hydration in order to repair damaged muscles and replace important electrolytes lost during light exercise, hard training and game day activity.

Our power team focuses on the following beliefs to achieve results for our clients.

  • The most effective way to embrace performance nutrition is to start small and focus on one LIFESTYLE change at a time.
  • We maximize our client’s potential thru a personal fueling program incorporating hand-picked nutritionally based foods and then cooked properly.
  • We work hard on providing appropriate coaching techniques in making better food choices at home or on the road.
  • We assist our clients in a cleaner fueling formula, so that soft tissue injuries can be reduced and recovery can be accelerated.
  • We focus on correctly fueling are clients so that they are maintaining their strength and energy consistently through the off season and season.
  • We are there for our clients to help them reach personal and professional goals.
  • Finally, our team is a logical extension to any athlete’s life for year round optimization on their career.

20 years ago, it was just a dream. Today, it has transformed into reality. I was often laughed at by my colleagues when I told them of my aspirations and my goal of fueling performance athletes. I was breaking the mold of wanting to work for hotels and or a restaurants and becoming a personal chef. I stayed focused, I had my highs and my lows, but through it all, my wife Cindy, stood by me and gave me the support I needed to carry on this crazy idea I had. Luckily she still believes in me today and she is working just as hard as me to get this dream up and running and watching it grow together. All I know is that if you follow your heart, be passionate & fearless in your beliefs and cherish every moment that you are here, your dreams CAN become reality.