It’s Time To Clean UP & THROW IT OUT!

It’s time to clean up, straighten up and eat right! The new year has started and where are you at? I’ll bet that you’ve added on those extra pounds you swore you weren’t going to. You’ve celebrated, wine and dined, but now reality has set in. With all of the talk shows, on line articles, apps and close friends assisting you in what you need to do this year to start it off right, you now have a chef’s view.

My experience has shown me that your kitchen is really and truly the first place to start in achieving your personal goals. I’m here to tell you to clean up and start gutting your kitchen. GET RID OF IT! Go on, get in that pantry and clean it out! If you didn’t use it last year, you’re sure as heck not going to use it this year. Why should the example of getting rid of old clothing not pertain to food? Geez, how many Bogo’s did you buy of soups, pasta, canned beans and Asian sauces? If you want you can donate your food, but be careful and make sure it’s sealed, no dents and not out of date- yellowing age marks are your first clue.

We are always working hard to develop our bodies and minds to look better, feel better, and have a richer attitude on the life that we lead. We miss the one real entity that makes that engine, called our bodies’ work-Fuel. Not just any sort of fuel, but the fuel that will give us the energy and drive to accomplish the thoughts, ideas, dreams, goals and aspirations that we have in life.

Don’t stop at the pantry. Go over to the refrigerator and start cleaning that out as well. Again, if you haven’t used it, get rid of it. Clean out the produce drawers and shelves. Wash, clean and sanitize. Check the temperature of the refrigerator and freezer. How about a new box of baking soda? Oh, by the way, the original color is yellow not green! You laugh, trust me, as a personal chef I have seen a lot of domestic refrigerators.
You’re almost there. Now how about those utensil drawers. Can you still open them? How many Publix plastic spatulas do you really need? I mean come on, how many pancakes can you flip at one time?

You do make fresh pancakes, right?

Check the cupboards, how many meatloaf pans do you need? The handle has been broken on that pot for how long? How about that cutting boards. Wood is out, plastic is in. I prefer the flex cutting boards, easy to wash, easy to store, and inexpensive.

What about knives? If it’s dull, get rid of it or go to a farmer’s market and get it sharpened. You are going to farmers market? You’re more likely to have a cutting accident with a dull knife than a sharp one. Try keeping your favorite cooking utensils next to the stove for easy access. Invest in two containers to hold the essences of cooking, sea salt and fresh black pepper. You will taste an immediate difference in your food and I’ll bet you will see your salt intake decrease as well.

Do you have thermometers? You need them for the oven, refrigerator and freezer. Spend pennies on these items to avoid food spoilage and keep you and your family healthy. Do not forget the extra fridge in the garage, especially with the extreme heat. I would also invest in a digital or standard thermometer to take the temperature of your food. You will save time and aggravation if you could better monitor your food, from the meatloaf to this year’s holiday turkey.

To create great food, you need real food, food that comes from the earth. The only way this food is going to taste great is to utilize food that is in season, storing it properly, cooking it in adequate cooking equipment and finishing it at the correct temperature. This is the foundation to cooking and a great way to start your new culinary lifestyle.